Mission 10 Update

August 2023

Message from Pastor Kristian

You don’t want to miss being part of our annual Commissioned Missions Emphasis Weekend coming up on Sunday, October 1 at CLA! This event will celebrate missions at CLA and stir hearts for 2024 as we serve, give and go into all the world. This event has several exciting aspects.

First, we will be joined by special guest Greg Mundis, the former National Missions Director of the Assemblies of God, during both services. He will be sharing his powerful personal testimony and the importance of reaching people around the world with the love of Jesus.

That morning will also feature a beautiful flag parade, we’ll celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness, and we’ll roll out our missions vision for 2024. This will include an overview of the various trips we are planning for next year, and we’ll discuss the purpose and importance of missions pledges. We can’t wait to see what the Lord will continue to do in 2024!

That evening, be sure to come back to church for our Taste of the Nations at 7:00 PM in the Christian Life Center. You’ll be able to experience the cultures of the world that we regularly support and try “tastes” of delicious foods from these regions. It’s going to be a wonderful evening celebrating missions!

There are a variety of ways that you can get involved in this special event, such as participating in the morning’s flag parade (both services), helping set up or decorate for the Taste of the Nations, prepare and serve food, greet attendees and tear down/clean up. Learn more and register.

Local & Domestic Missions

Following His Example

“Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.” – Ephesians 5:1-2

When we personally experience the full love of Jesus, we will want to be more like Him. We will also want others to personally experience the fullness of His love. When we feel the call to do something, sometimes there is a missions trip organized and ready for us to join, but if there isn’t, you could consider going on your own. Below is one of those stories:

“When God opened up the door for me to start and launch my own company, I decided from day one that we were going to be a Kingdom-minded business. Five years into our company God reminded me of that decision, and because of it, I decided to take a day with our entire team to the Philadelphia Dream Center to serve. It was such an incredible day, and we continue to find ways to serve.” – Josh Dominguez

If you are looking to connect with an opportunity on your own or with some friends, consider some of the ministries below:

We Are Returning to Philadelphia!

In June, we had three different teams travel to the Philly Dream Center. Each of the participants (adults and students alike) were incredibly impacted by the Dream Center’s mission and the difference it’s making. With that, we are excited to share that we have an outreach team heading back to Philadelphia on Saturday, October 28!

Our team will minister to those in the Kensington (“Needle”) Park area who have been gripped by the opioid crisis. We will bring hope through the Gospel message to many who are hurting. This trip is for adults, however students age 15-17 can participate if accompanied by a parent. Learn more and register.

Global Missions

You Never Know | Ricky and Carol Hendon – Amazon Basin, Peru

There is one consistent truth with missions – you never know! You never know what to expect, what will happen, what will change or what is next, but God does.

CLA recently sent a missions team to Peru and, thanks to their flexibility and adaptability, they overcame a number of challenges and served in two very different locations. Here is a snapshot:

  • They built a Youth Camp in the jungle near the Amazon River for the indigenous children of Peru.
  • Later, they served at another location at an elevation of 12,000 feet. Here they prepped a site for a new church, in addition to completing some renovation work at a new ministry training center.
  • Lastly, a couple of the team members were able to share Jesus with the children during the Wednesday evening church service. Below are a few of their stories.

Bethany Eby
“As we were digging ditches for the foundation of the camps’ dormitory, I kept thinking and praying about the spiritual foundation that the missionaries have laid and will be building upon with all of the children in the near future. The task we were assigned was definitely challenging, but we saw God show up and help us accomplish what felt like the impossible. My husband and I also had the unique opportunity to lead a children’s service at a local church. We greatly enjoyed meeting both sets of missionaries and can’t wait to see how God continues to work in their ministries.”

Mike Eby
“Serving in Peru allowed for both a unique and fulfilling experience. Going on a missions trip can stretch you in a good way, and Peru was just that. The work in the jungle was challenging, but the relationships formed with the missionaries and among our team created bonds that will far extend beyond the trip. Being able to work with two different missionary families in two very different climates was a blessing. In many ways, it felt like we had experienced two different missions trips. The Lord is moving in Peru!”

Lisa Oomen
“Missions is multifaceted, and not only was the missions area in Peru blessed by CLA, but so were the missionaries, the team and us as individuals. We were all blessed and challenged on the trip. God is an amazing God, and his creation is amazing. We saw that in the people and the diversity of the landscape. He has blessed each of us with gifts and talents and wants us to use them to bless others. Short-term missions is a great way to do that. You may never know the total impact of what you did, but God does.”

RJ Oomen
“We all know that missions at CLA is about praying, sending, supporting and going. Prior to the Peru trip, I had never gone on a short-term (international) missions trip. While the trip, not surprisingly, had some challenges, it blessed me with the opportunity to interact with the wonderful people of Peru and make new CLA friends who share the goal of being the hands and feet of Jesus. Also, being in the missions field opened my eyes to some of the personal sacrifices being made by missionaries who are obeying God’s call on their lives. It convinced me on the importance of coming alongside them to help and encourage them – even if it was for a short while.”

Watch a brief video recap of the trip here.

Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Local Ministries | Central PA – Pray for the volunteers needed to help influence our local community for Jesus, for the various ministries that serve those who are hurting and struggling, and for their ability to speak life into difficult situations.
  • Pastor Charlie and Sharon Rose | McDowell County, Jolo, WV – Pray for those who are impacted by the opioid crisis to experience true freedom through Jesus, and for good health along with financial healing.
  • Ricky and Carol Hendon | Amazon Basin, Peru – Pray for the Gospel to be shared and lives to be changed, for the missionaries who serve tirelessly, and for future teams who come to serve.