Christian Life Assembly
Camp Hill, PA

Sharing Jesus through Media.

Media plays a crucial role in connecting people with Jesus. It creates an atmosphere of worship for all those who join us, and it allows us to reach around the world with the message of Jesus' love.

Live Production

It takes an entire team to produce our Sunday and Wednesday services - from camera operators to lighting and audio specialists to producers who help pull the various elements together. Serving behind the scenes, this team works hard to seamlessly pull the service elements together and eliminate distractions for those who join us.

Livestream & Broadcast

Our services are recorded and available via livestream for those who join us online locally and worldwide. Individuals with our online campus interact with, offer encouragement and pray for those who join us through our online platforms. As another way to reach our community with the hope of Jesus, our Sunday services are rebroadcast weekly on ABC and CBS.


We have the best story in the world to share! Media allows us to share the Gospel locally and worldwide and share who we are as a church - our beliefs, priorities and goal to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We do this in various ways, such as through social media, video testimonies and project highlights, the CLA Blog and photography. Everything you see, hear and feel work together to tell a story.

Join the team.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Media Team, we would love to hear from you! Don't have prior training? No problem - we are glad to show you everything you need to know in your area of interest.

Video & Production

Directors, Producers, Camera Operators, IMAG
Camera operators capture services from various angles, others make sure that camera shots match every lighting change, and video directors pull it all together. Our graphics operators display worship lyrics, sermon notes and video content, and this team streams our online services.


Photographers, Videographers
It's true - a photo (or video!) is worth a thousand words. Our team of talented photographers use their gifts to help capture visually how the Lord is moving during our services and various programs. Our videographers help capture people's stories, missions highlights and more.


Lighting Operators, Set up
Effective lighting techniques have a significant impact on helping to set the tone during our services and special events. There are opportunities to assist with standard lighting during services and spotlight operators for special events.


Audio Engineers, Audio Assistants
Similar to how lighting can have a significant effect, so too can audio. From helping to manage sound levels on our soundboard and monitoring microphones, to giving lighting cues to the team, we have various opportunities to serve.