Join us for Mega Summer Camp Presents “The Power of…” June 20-23, 2022 from 6:00-7:30 PM right here at CLA!

This free, one-of-a-kind experience is for the whole family. Families will enjoy high-energy music, interactive activities, friendly competitions, comical characters, great prizes and powerful messages about God’s amazing love. Each evening will focus on a different theme and will provide practical, Biblical takeaways for families.
This unique event will also feature nationally recognized REMIX, which presents the Gospel in memorable ways. To share its message, REMIX utilizes hilarious skits, crazy stunts and keeps participants on their toes (literally)!

We truly believe that this event will be a highlight of your family’s summer, draw you closer to each other and closer to the Lord!

Additional Highlights
  • Nightly Lobby Experience begins at 5:15 PM…meet REMIX’s mascot, Jiggy, receive special giveaways and more!
  • Free Family Picnic Thursday night…enjoy a delicious meal with us!
  • Fun, interactive online activities that complement the day’s theme, including a short video and downloadable resources. These activities will allow you to dig deeper into God’s Word as a family!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages will benefit from this event?
This event is for families with kids of all ages – all are welcome, although it is primarily geared toward kids age 5-grade 5. Please note that parents/guardians are asked to stay with their children; this is not a drop-off event.
Are the online activities required?
No, the online activities are totally optional. They will be available daily for those who want to delve a bit deeper into that day’s theme, but this is not required.
What if we can’t attend the Lobby Experience?
That’s just fine! The Lobby Experience is designed to allow families who are interested to come a bit early, interact with Jiggy, receive special giveaways and take photos at our photo booth. However, the main event starts at 6:00 PM.
Where should I park?
You are welcome to park in CLA’s West or East Parking Lot. Enter the doors at the circle entrance. Volunteers will be available to direct you and answer any questions you might have!