CLA recognizes the dire situation affecting many in the current economic climate. With this in mind, we have a number of initiatives in place to help meet these needs.

State & Local Program Assistance

Family Life

  • CHIP (Free services for Children’s Medical Care - 0-15 years) Toll Free: 800-543-7101

  • Community Action Association (Family Self Sufficiency Programs)
    Main Office: 717-232-9757
    West Shore Branch Office: 717-732-1944

  • Cumberland Link (Support Services for the Aging or Individuals with Disabilities Long Term Living) Email: Office: 717-240-7887

  • Healthy Babies Hotline (Free/Reduced Pre/Post Natal Care and Child Immunization Help) Toll Free: 800-986-2229

  • Hope Station (“Family Savings Program” - HIRE Program or Work Readiness Program) Office: 717-249-5144

  • Rebuilding Together (Organization that Preserves Affordable Homeownership) www.rtgh.orgemail: Office: 717-232-2557

 Government Assistance Program

  • Cumberland County Public Housing Office: 717-249-0516

  • Homeless Assistance Program Main Office: 717-243-4283 Toll Free: 888-697-0371 EXT.10

  • Job Assistance (Education Training Program) Office: 717-240-2038

  • PA Patient Assistance Program (Prescription Plan) Main Office: 717-651-3600 Toll Free: 800-955-0989

  • Programs to Assist Homeowners Struggling to Pay Their Mortgage
    REAL (Refinance to an Affordable Loan)
    HERO (Homeowner Equity Recovery Opportunity)
    HEMAP (Homeowner’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program)
    Hotline Number: 1-800-342-2397 or 717-780-3871
    Homeownership Program Hotline: 1-800-822-1174

  • State Mortgage Assistance Pennsylvania Finance Agency: 717-780-3800


  • LIHEAP (Crisis and/or Weatherization Heat Programs) Office: 717-240-2700, 717-269-0173 New Hope Ministries (New Hope can assist with Electric, Gas, Water and other Utilities) Office: 717-766-7333

Budgeting & Financial Counsel

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services Toll Free: 888-599-2227 Main Office: 717-541-1757

  • Maranatha Financial Counseling Main Office: 717-258-1000

  • Mediation Ministries (advocacy/mediation services to clients in areas of bankruptcy, utility, social services, etc.) Main Office: 717-766-5205 (leave your name and phone number)