For more information on any of the recovery and support groups at CLA, or for referrals to off-campus groups, contact the Counseling Ministry Office at 717-635-7224 or Pastor Tom Britton at



Celebrate Recovery: Men's and Women's Recovery  
7:00 PM, Women’s Plaza
Freedom from addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors is possible. You can experience peace, joy and, most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others! This nationally acclaimed program includes worship, biblical teaching and accountability through support groups. These are not “therapy focused groups”, but rather groups where people come to learn about their own behavior. No pre-registration is necessary; just show up any Monday night and begin the process of recovery!

Open Share Support Groups Included:

  • Chemically Dependent (Individual Groups for Men and Women)

  • Codependency Group (Women)

  • Mixed Life Issues (Individual Groups for Men and Women)

  • Purity Accountability Group (Men)

Visit Celebrate Recovery for more information.



Day Seven: Men’s Sexual Recovery
In cooperation with Day Seven Ministries, this group provides counseling, education and support for men who struggle with pornography, sexual abuse, homosexuality or adultery. A nominal fee is required for participation.  Pre-approval required. 

Day Seven: Women’s Hope for Healthy Intimacy   
In cooperation with Day Seven Ministries, this group is for women in relationships with men who struggle with sexual issues.  Pre-approval required.



Victory Seekers (1st Wednesday of Each Month)
6:30 PM
Join forces with others who battle and claim victory over cancer and long-term illness. Find healing, power and encouragement from God’s Word for your battle. 


Various Dates

P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) For men who struggle with any severe stress caused from a traumatic event in their past. Contact:

Post Abortion
Provides hope, healing and forgiveness for women who struggle with the pain and grief of abortion.