Road Closures

Railroad Crossing Roadwork

Norfolk Southern has scheduled the temporary closure of several local railroad crossings over the next couple weeks. This will likely impact travel routes to CLA, so we’ve done our best to identify the impacted routes and provide an alternative. Construction times and schedules may vary, so we encourage you to double-check with local municipalities for changes.

  • Winding Hill Road, closed April 29 - May 5

  • Slate Hill Road, closed April 30 - May 10

  • Rossmoyne Road, closed May 1 - May 6

  • Messiah College Road, closed April 28 - May 5

For more information, please visit the local municipality links below.

It is our understanding that the underpass on Carlisle Road, as well as the railroad crossing on 18th Street in Lemoyne, will remain open. Directions to CLA from the underpass on Carlisle Road are shown below.

Railroad Map.jpg