NEXT offers an introductory way for any believer to evaluate his or her relationship with Jesus. How do we influence others for God? Show Jesus’ love to others? Effectively manage our resources? This is a great first step for anyone who wants to walk more closely with Jesus and would like to know more about Discover.


DISCOVER Groups are for everyone who has accepted Jesus into their life. After all, each of us is a work in progress and needs to develop a deeper walk with Him. Every time you participate in a Group you will have a unique experience. Consider bringing a friend or family member so that you can take this journey together!

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FOCUS introduces you to all of the unique personalities God has created, while helping you to discover your own God given, passion-based gifts and talents. Do you have a heart for mentoring youth? Blessing homebound members? Supporting missions? Prayer? By finding His purpose for your life, while understanding how to communicate better with others, you will be able to help more people walk with Jesus, all the while being personally blessed.

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REACH helps you to understand how to connect with your friends and family so that you can use the most effective way to communicate the story about how Jesus has changed your life. Everyone has a unique and meaningful story to tell that can impact others. What is yours?


GROW in a specific attribute of following Jesus by participating in a Life Group. These groups offer the chance to spend more time focusing on the area of growth that is needed in your walk with Jesus. Examples include Life Groups that focus on marriage, parenting or finding financial freedom.