Health & Safety

Health and safety are perhaps two of the greatest concerns for most people traveling to places they have never been to before. CLA's staff takes both very seriously.

Travel Warnings and Alerts
Often times when an individual decides to go to a place they have never been to, both the individual and family begin to listen more closely to what is happening within that particular country. Because there are so many sources for news and opinions (some reliable and some not so reliable), we regularly monitor the US State Departments Travel Warnings and Alerts.

Emergency Medical and Travel Insurance
As part of the trip cost, every international Mission 10 member receives Emergency Medical and Travel Insurance. Once you have been accepted as a team member, you will be given additional information.

Vaccinations and Immunizations
Regarding vaccinations and immunizations, we defer to the US State Departments recommendations and requirements. For country-specific information, please visit For more general recommendations, please visit or a local travel clinic. For specific recommendations, please talk with your personal doctor.

On-Trip Emergency
Prior to departure, you will be given an emergency contact that you can give to family and friends, should they need to get in touch with you in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding health and safety, please feel free to contact


For all of us who are called to go on a Discover Missions team, this is a major step of faith. Over the years, we have seen time and time again that God provides for families and individuals. If funds are what is holding you back, do not let this keep you from going. Below are some suggestions for fundraising.

Family and Friends
Personal support letters sent to family, friends, co‐workers and even your employer is the single most effective way to raise support. Once you have registered for a team, we will send you a sample support letter that you can customize and send out. People are regularly surprised by the generosity and responsiveness of individuals they never would have imagined would give.

Personal Employer
Some companies have a fund specifically set up to support employees who do good works locally and around the world. Be sure to take a moment to talk to your employer to tell them what you are doing and inquire if they have a special giving fund.

Limit the Number of Solicitations
How often can you tap people in your network? We recommend limiting requests of friends and family to only once or twice every few years. Family members, however, may be open to supporting you more frequently.

Personal Sacrifice
Often a commitment to go requires serious personal sacrifice. Here are just a few ways to sacrifice and raise additional funds:

  • Reduce or eliminate luxury spending (coffee, eating out, entertainment, etc.)
  • Possibly get a temporary part‐time job, or ask others if they need help with special projects
  • Collect and sell unwanted items on ebay or Craigslist

Team Fundraisers
Please note that we do not do team fundraisers. We do encourage team members to do all that they can to help one another, but we have found that the energy required for most team fundraisers is not nearly as effective as personal fundraising.