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Dates: February 10-17, 2018
Type: Construction
Trip cost: $1,700
Team size: 15
Age: Adult

In 2010, a devastating earthquake hit the Haitian capital of Port au Prince, killing well over 200,000. Yet, through all of the devastation, the church has thrived. This team will be working in Canaan constructing a church and school. This facility is a life center where Jesus is being made famous! The last day to sign up is Sunday, December 31, 2017.



Dates: May 19-26, 2018
Type: Medical Clinic
Trip cost: $1,850
Team size: 20
Age: Adult

In a world where compassion is mostly an unknown, we are able to provide services to communities where medical care is not available. This team is in need of medical professionals at all levels. We especially need doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and more. Additionally, we will provide proper training, such as in pharmacy tech and triage. Most of all, we need hearts that are ready to serve.



Dates: June 26-July 3, 2018
Type: Relational Campus Ministry
Trip cost: $2,700
Team size: 20
Age: College

Our group will partner with Kent and Leslie Linneweh. We will serve on multiple university campuses around Amsterdam – campuses that represent more than 60,000 students. This ministry is relational in nature and will focus on assisting the Linnewehs to build in-roads into colleges. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: June 8-15 (tentative)
Type: Street Ministry
Trip cost: $850
Team size: 25
Age: Middle School

We will partner with the Atlanta Dream Center. The main focus of this trip will be ministering to the families in the city through Vacation Bible School, community outreach, love ministries and adopt-a-block initiatives. Students will also take part in special outreaches to the hurting and marginalized in the city, but they will do so from a distance.


Dates: July 5-12
Type: Construction and Street Ministry
Trip cost: $1,850
Team size: 30
Age: Family

Our team will partner with King’s Castle Nicaragua. We will focus on ministering to the children of impoverished areas through spectacle ministry, which includes dance, drama and clown ministry. Students will be trained in relational evangelism, while our Spanish-speaking guides will do most of the upfront and stage ministry.  Our team will also support construction needs throughout the campuses, including wall building.

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Fairbanks, Alaska

Dates: July 13-20
Type: Vacation Bible School and Revival Meetings
Trip cost: $1,950
Team size: 40
Ages: Middle and High School

We will participate in many different types of ministry while in Alaska. Our main focus will be in the following three areas: work projects, Vacation Bible School (potentially sports programs) and church revival meetings. Relational ministry is a must in the villages of Alaska. Team members will connect with individuals of all ages throughout this trip and will minister alongside trained leaders.

Nome, Alaska

Dates: July 23-31
Type: Construction
Trip cost: $1,950
Team size: 15
Age: College


Our team will partner with Austin Jones and focus on construction and contracting work. Austin is still in need of significant work on his church. There will also be opportunities to participate in revival-type church services.

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Houston/National Fine Arts

Dates: July 26-August 4
Type: TBD
Trip cost: TBD
Team size: 
Age: High School


We will have a great opportunity to serve the people of Houston, TX. Many team members will move on to participate in National Fine Arts following the mission experience.

Lake Eyasi Region, Tanzania East Africa

Dates: September 6-16
Type: Construction
Cost: $3,550
Team size: 20
Age: Adult


Gil and Dolfi Maunda are missionaries reaching out to the Datooga tribe with the Gospel. This tribal group of over 200,000 is one of the most unreached people groups in Tanzania. However, with your gifts of compassion where water wells and schools are being provided, entire villages are coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

Did you know that Gil was once an unsaved Datooga bushman…yet this past year he became an ordained minister with the Tanzania Assemblies of God!

Jolo, West Virginia

Dates: TBD
Type: Convoy of Hope Partnership
Cost: TBD
Team size: TBD
Ages: All


Plagued with high unemployment after the decline of the coal industry, McDowell County’s population has dwindled from nearly 100,000 in 1950 to around 19,000 today. The government deems McDowell County to be the poorest in the nation, as well as the place with the lowest life expectancy due to high smoking and obesity rates. In the past 15 years, the opioid epidemic in this region has killed more people than anywhere else in the nation, except in neighboring Wyoming County. 

A new Convoy of Hope Outreach Center has dorm rooms to accommodate 40 people. Mission teams that come to rehab housing, work on churches and lead Vacation Bible School have a place to stay. We will partner with the Appalachian Network and Rural Compassion of Convoy of Hope as we work toward making Jesus famous in the poorest of community in our country.