Mission 10 Update

October 2021

Mission 10 is CLA’s strategic approach to expand the Kingdom of God and extend our reach so that all can learn about God’s amazing love!

Since Mission 10 was initially launched:
  • 182 people have gone on a missions trip for the first time (commanded to serve)
  • $3,191,398.50 has been given for missions and missionaries in the U.S. and around the world (compelled to give)
  • 13 new short- or long-term missionaries from CLA’s church family have chosen to GO to the missions field (called to go)

Commanded to Serve

Beyond My Fear | Pam Gladfelter

In Her Own Words
I have always wanted to go on a missions trip but was too scared to go. Yet, after hearing Pastor Shane talk about his most recent trip to El Salvador and how he and Heidi went door-to-door evangelizing, it touched my heart and moved me beyond my fear to go…or so I thought!

I signed up for the September El Salvador trip but, just before going, I was overcome by fear. I apologized numerous times to God in my prayers that I was not going and told Him why! I was hoping to bump into Pastor Kristian to tell him too. However, after being in church for service one Sunday, I just knew in my heart that I was supposed to go and that everything was going to be okay. At our team meeting, I had a warm and fuzzy feeling when God provided an old friend who was also going. And the team’s enthusiasm at the meeting was good for my soul.

Although I was no longer afraid, I was still very nervous about going because I had never gone on a missions trip before. I did not want to keep people awake with my snoring, I did not know what to expect or what to pack, or really how I would fit in, especially on a medical missions trip.
The first day there I helped with the children, but the rest of the time I teamed up with Belinda Douglas, who was a counselor who prayed for the people who came to the clinics. It was life-changing! I saw people truly surrendering to God!

I have so many memorable experiences that I could share, such as how well our team got along, our visit to the Prayer Tower, when the Nationals gave me a word of knowledge, and how friendly and committed the Nationals are to becoming missionaries. But, one particularly special experience happened on one of our ministry days when Belinda prayed with an older woman and then the woman prayed for her. This woman gave Belinda a word of knowledge, and then they called Wilbur, one of the National leaders, over for this woman to pray over him. When the woman finished praying for Wilbur, she put her hand on my heart and started praying over me. Belinda interpreted what the woman said. This woman said things that she could not have known about my life, and that I had not shared with Belinda. It was amazing!

On this trip, I gained a deeper intensity and enthusiasm in my spiritual life, and I experienced God like never before. I moved beyond my fear, trusted in God and went to El Salvador…and I will go every chance I get to go in the future! If you feel God encouraging you to go on a missions trip – just do it!

“The trip was just amazing because we saw the power of God at work through all of our lives and in all of our lives, and I made a bunch of new friends.”
- Pam Gladfelter

Compelled to Give

Did You Know?
Did you know that, by giving to Mission 10, you are sharing Jesus around the world? Our recent September Mission 10 offering helped provide disaster relief funds to Haiti, assisted Tom and Brooke Harshberger with school assemblies and church plant funds in Ireland, and helped provide our sister church in Rajasthan, India, with funds needed to begin its initiative to convert many of their churches into daycare relief centers. These centers will provide food, clothing, schooling and a safe place for children who have been orphaned as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Upcoming opportunities to support Mission 10 include providing Christmas gifts, through Toy Share, for families in our area who are experiencing difficult times (see below); providing Bibles for children who do not have one; and supporting new missions projects and newly supported missionaries.

“THANK YOU, FRIENDS! We could not do what we do without you!” - Tom and Brooke Harshberger

Called to Go

Jay and Stephanie Worth | Padova, Italy

In Their Own Words
We had served in the PennDel Ministry Network for 10 years, primarily as Youth Pastors at Pinchot Park Assembly in Dover, PA, when we felt called to go help Pat and Brenda Mahar. During those few months, we pastored at International Church Fellowship (ICF) of Athens, and we were completely struck by the "lostness" in Europe.
We then felt called to go back and continue to reach the people of Europe. We will be pastors at ICF of Padova under the Mahar’s leadership. Our primary responsibilities will be running its ministry (The Gathering), discipleship and outreach. The culture is a bit different in Europe so, in order to share Jesus, we must focus on relationship building, going to public events and meeting at coffee shops to connect with people. Small group Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship are areas in which we feel gifted…and these are great ways to build relationships and share Jesus. We know this will not be easy but, much like picking blueberries, it is slow and methodical, but it is still a harvest!
We would be delighted if you’d reach out to us on Facebook. Thank you, and God bless!

“Just because people have access to clean water and high-speed internet doesn't mean they aren't lost; it means you (as the missionary) have to invest a lot of time in relationships and get to the heart of a person's brokenness before you can share the Gospel.”  - Jay and Stephanie Worth

Missionary Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Retired Missionaries – Pray for our retired missionaries and their families as they navigate the next phase of ministry and life
  • Jennifer Pasquale | Rome, Italy – Pray for her continued ministry following the sudden loss of her husband, Rick, and for her family as they journey through the grieving process
  • Toy Share | Central PA – Pray for families who are experiencing challenging times and for them to make a powerful connection with Jesus through this ministry
  • Jay and Stephanie Worth | Padova, Italy – Pray for them as they transition to their new roles and for many to come to know Jesus through their ministry

Reaching Our Community

Christmas Wonderland | Imagine Christmas

Who Will You Invite?
Christmas Wonderland “Imagine Christmas!” is our Broadway-style dramatic musical for the whole family. There will be eight performances December 4-12, and tickets will be available beginning Saturday, October 23. Pastor Dan has been encouraging us to pray about who we will invite, and now’s our chance to do so!
"Imagine Christmas!" takes place in present-day Chicago, where you will meet a family who owns and runs Imagine Books and Café. With the help of the family matriarchs, some hilarious antics and lots of imagination, various Christmas stories will come to life, including the most important story ever - the birth of Jesus! This dramatic musical features beautiful music and dance, live animals and flying angels.
Learn more about this year’s production, behind-the-scenes opportunities to serve, and how to purchase tickets!

Toy Share

Sharing the Love of Jesus Through Toy Share
Toy Share is one of our largest local missions outreaches that we do every year, and we’d love for you to be part of sharing the love of Jesus this Christmas! This year, we will once again purchase new toys for families who are experiencing difficult times, as well as provide bikes to those who are interested.
Learn more about how families can register to participate, as well as ways you can support Toy Share. We have various opportunities to serve, such as by shopping for families, organizing gifts, praying, distributing gifts and repairing bikes. You can also make a financial donation via cash, check or online (designate Mission 10) or donate bikes.
Every year, our Toy Share team is blessed to bless others and watch how God works in the lives of the families we support. Here is one example: Last year, a grandfather had only one request – a bike for his 13-year-old grandson. As the team accepted bike donations, they watched for one in this boy’s size, but none that size was donated.

The volunteers were even willing to give their own money to purchase a bike for him, but none could be found in his size at local stores. One of our volunteers, whose husband recently passed away, then offered to give her late husband’s bike; it was just the right size. This woman was so grateful to be able to richly bless this special family! Isn’t it amazing how God works?