Mission 10 Update

November 2021

Mission 10 is CLA’s strategic approach to expand the Kingdom of God and extend our reach so that all can learn about God’s amazing love!

Since Mission 10 was initially launched:

  • 182 people have gone on a missions trip for the first time (commanded to serve)
  • $3,265,895.10 has been given for missions and missionaries in the U.S. and around the world (compelled to give)
  • 13 new short- or long-term missionaries from CLA’s church family have chosen to GO to the missions field (called to go)

Commanded to Serve

Impacting Sunbury…or Impacted by Sunbury?

On November 13 and 20, individuals from CLA helped to revitalize River of Life Assembly of God in Sunbury, PA. We assisted with general cleanup, painting and various projects, which will allow River of Life to be a bright light in their local community.

Here are just a few quotes from individuals who participated from both churches about the impact that this opportunity had on them!
“I loved how we all worked together. What a wonderful picture of the body of Christ! – Barb, River of Life
“My experience in Sunbury was a very humbling experience. I loved seeing the CLA family come together and help another community and church to create something special in Sunbury. God spoke to my heart to volunteer for this great mission.” – Clint Kauffman, CLA

“Nurturing our children’s hearts for serving is important to Doug and me, but opportunities to serve together have sometimes been hard to find (with kids age 14, 13 and 10). The Sunbury trip was perfect for our family because there were opportunities for all of us to contribute in various capacities (plumbing, cleaning, moving, organizing, painting, pressure washing and yard work). We’re relatively new to CLA, so it was also great getting to meet and serve alongside other CLA families. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and our children were planning our return trip to Sunbury on our drive home!” – Doug and Rachel Beaver, CLA

“So glad we responded to God’s nudge to add Sunbury to our calendar in November. It was such a blessing to be a part of the new work God is doing in that small river town. With God’s help, the team of volunteers accomplished a lot that day for Pastors Jan and George Krebs and the vision God has given them for the people in Sunbury.” – Dwayne and Cindy Weaver, CLA

“It was so nice to see everyone from CLA working in their giftings.” – Jan D., River of Life

“I loved getting to know other CLA people by spending a day with them in Sunbury. Everyone easily found a comfortable area to jump in and help, as most of the tasks just required willing hands. The coolest thing about the day was that we were there fixing and sprucing up the building from the inside-out, and praying over the place in preparation for God's transformative love to move in mighty ways in that church and the whole community. I found this a perfect reflection of what God does in our own lives. He cleans us up from the inside-out, removing the cobwebs and fixing what is broken so that He can use us in the same way. Such an encouragement! Our whole family (teens included) are looking forward to hopefully many more of these work days, so we can participate in all of them!” – Julia Feitner, CLA

“We are a very giving church, and it was a very different experience being on the receiving end. It was such a blessing to serve together and share testimonies with each other.” – Keith L., River of Life

“Missions abroad or next door are always very rewarding. Helping a community to have an inviting place to worship can help to bring just one person to Jesus. That alone makes the effort worthy. Coming together with people from CLA and the local church builds lasting relationships also, and this is a great way to be the hands and feet of Jesus.” – Kreig Smith, CLA

“The CLA team was so hardworking and yet so fun to work with!” – Rich, River of Life

Compelled to Give

Thank You!
Mission 10 offerings help to impact people all over the world in a variety of ways, but always with the mission of sharing Jesus. Please join us in praying for some of our opportunities below:

  • Local Missions | Toy Share – Providing Christmas gifts, basic essentials and Bibles to families experiencing challenging times.
  • Domestic Missions | River of Life Church – Helping revitalize a church in Sunbury so that individuals can come to know Jesus.
  • Global Missions | Pastor Rajnish Jacob – Supporting over 90 churches in Rajasthan, India, to be transformed into daycare relief centers. These centers will provide food, clothing, schooling and a safe place for children who have been orphaned. This effort will save them from a life of exploitation and human trafficking.

Pastor Rajnish Jacob will be joining us on Sunday, November 28, during both morning services. You do not want to miss what he has to share!

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." – Romans 12:11

Called to Go

Kevin and Sandy Barner | Thailand, Asia Pacific

Serving Jesus as a full-time missionary means going to wherever He calls you. And Kevin and Sandy Barner have experienced just that.

Their first assignment led them to Russia, where they served for seven and a half years. Since then, they have experienced a number of changes in their ministry and have made the recent transition to Bangkok, Thailand, where they will serve as Area Pastors of Peninsular Asia. They will provide pastoral care and spiritual leadership to more than 200 missionaries living and working in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

As needed, they will also serve as Interim International Church Pastors throughout the 40 countries of the Asia Pacific region to provide stability and continuity to any of the International Churches for Missionary Pastors who may need to be away from their congregations for an extended period of time.

This is a big role, but they are serving an even bigger God! They are planting the church of Jesus where Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Animism have been spiritual strongholds for millennia. By faith, they are boldly pressing forward and claiming a new harvest among the 834 million people who still need to know Jesus because these people have waited long enough!

“We are uniquely positioned in Asia and the Pacific to bring the Gospel to peoples and places which, since the time of Christ’s command for us to go, have yet to hear the good news that Jesus died on the cross for their sins.” – Kevin and Sandy Barner

Missionary Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Rajnish and Orina Jacob | Rajasthan, India – Pray for churches to be transformed, children to be saved and the opportunity to share the Gospel
  • Kevin and Sandy Barner | Thailand, Asia Pacific – Pray for strength, encouragement, blessings, empowerment, favor and fruitfulness in expanding God’s Kingdom in Asia
  • Toy Share | Central PA – Pray for families who are experiencing challenging times and for them to have a powerful connection to Jesus through this local missions outreach
  • Christmas Wonderland | Central PA – Pray that those attending the performances will experience God in a way that they never have before

Reaching Our Community

Celebrate Christmas at CLA

Our Christmas services are for the whole family and are some of our favorite moments of the year! They also provide a great opportunity to invite others to church to hear about the hope we have in Jesus. We’d love for you to join us for exceptional music, a powerful message, the beauty of Christmas and our traditional candle lighting element.

December 24 at 4:00 & 6:00 PM | December 26 at 10:00 AM

These services will also feature a fun, interactive element just for the kids! The services will be the same, so feel free to attend the service that works best for you.