Mission 10 Update

March 2022

Message from Pastor Kristian

If God is laying something on your heart, don’t miss it! He often uses our obedience in powerful ways. Here’s an example involving several ladies who are part of the CLA family that exemplifies this truth.

Several months ago, Belinda Douglas felt called to do some prayer walks in Harrisburg and was hoping to have opportunities to share the Gospel. Kasey Joy (who is currently serving in El Salvador) and Kara Emrich went with Belinda on one of these walks, and they had the amazing privilege of meeting and visiting with a young Hindu woman. Through their conversation, and with the Holy Spirit stirring her heart, this young woman ultimately accepted Jesus! She is now pursuing Him wholeheartedly and is attending a Discover group; Discover is CLA's discipleship process.

As Pastor Shane recently shared, our purpose is to make Him known and praise Him in all the nations. This could mean in a different country, a nearby town or even right down the street!

It’s very interesting that this young lady was a Hindu because, over the past year, we have felt God leading us toward ministry in India and reaching Hindus! In our recent scout trip to India, Pastor Matt and I were overwhelmed by the darkness and lostness of this nation. Out of 1.3 billion people, there are 1 billion Hindus, and less than 1% (actually 0.3%) claim to be Christ followers. There is incredible opposition to any discussion about Christianity, and we met several pastors who have been beaten and nearly killed for their efforts to share the Gospel and plant churches.

The great news is that our Assemblies of God churches in the state of Rajasthan are making a major difference, training and commissioning pastors and planting many churches in villages that have literally never heard the Gospel message. They are also making a huge impact through rescuing and discipling girls who have been immersed in the sex-trafficking industry. Incredible things are happening in the face of intense persecution on all sides!

We are looking forward to partnering with Pastor Rajnish Jacob (the Assemblies of God District Superintendent of Rajasthan) in the coming months to help shine a light in that dark region of the world!

Local Missions

Leading by Example | Nick Nicholson

A group of family, friends and fellow volunteers celebrated Nick Nicholson’s 90th birthday on February 18 with a surprise party. Nick has served with the Cumberland County Food Bank for 18 years, leading it for the last 12. The Food Bank, which operates on-site at CLA, helps an average of 300 people in our community every month.

Nick works tirelessly planning, ordering and coordinating with the Food Bank team, and he strives to provide a nice variety of food for families who are facing difficult times. He takes time with people and really cares about them, and he has a positive, can-do attitude. He leads by example and loves the Lord, and this shows by his actions. He is also always quick to recognize those who serve as part of the team, and he lets them know how important their roles are.

Thanks, Nick, for your heart, love for others and godly example!

Domestic Missions

Hope For McDowell | Jolo, WV

We have been blessed to serve alongside Pastor Charlie and Sharon Rose with the Family Worship Center and Hope For McDowell in McDowell County, WV for a number of years. This county – the poorest one in the U.S. – has been hit incredibly hard by the opioid epidemic. CLA has been intentional about partnering with them to help support their mission of making a difference through compassion-based ministry and sharing the love of Jesus.

Recently, Hope For McDowell had the opportunity to receive a significant donation of building materials and resources that would have allowed them to serve their community by providing basic home repairs. Sadly, they had to turn this donation away because they had no storage options.

With that, we are excited to share that CLA will be returning to Jolo (McDowell County) from September 10-17 (revised dates) to help build a new warehouse that will provide much-needed storage for future donations. This will equip Hope For McDowell to provide essential home repairs and ultimately improve the quality of life for residents. Reaching the community by providing basic needs has allowed the church to build relationships and share the Good News of Jesus.

We are looking for individuals with all levels of construction and renovation skills, as well as non-skilled support. The deadline to register is July 1. Learn more.
“Our vision is to encourage, equip and empower the people of McDowell County, West Virginia as they face many obstacles of the region.” – Hope For McDowell

Just a reminder! Registration is also open for our next Sunbury Work Day on June 4. We will be helping River of Life Assembly in Sunbury, PA prepare for a Block Party outreach that will take place the following weekend. Are you interested in this one-day opportunity to help encourage River of Life? Learn more.

Global Missions

Tragedy to Triumph | Ron and Amy Jones – Ukraine

God calls ordinary people who are willing to be available. More than eight years ago, He called the Jones family.

The Lord used Ron’s business experience to establish an opportunity to bring the Gospel into the marketplace. After spending a year in Cairo, the Jones family began an Arabic language school in Oman, which grew to more than 60 students in the two years since its inception. One requirement for the language school was to have a Muslim prayer room. An awesome twist came when God used the people who were praying Muslim prayers to teach Arabic to students so they could share the Gospel – God does not let any opportunity return void!

In 2018, the Jones family then moved on to Kyiv, Ukraine. They immediately fell in love with the Ukrainian people. Not long ago, the Jones family heard rumors of war and had to make the difficult decision – to stay or to go. As we all know, the Ukraine War began just over a month ago.

Ron and Amy had prayerfully made the difficult decision to return to the U.S. and, in their absence, God is raising up people to help others in His Name. For example, Christians who remained have opened a warehouse to help feed people and provide medical care. They are also driving to help people who cannot leave their homes.

Men between the ages of 16 and 60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine, but they are desperate to help their families and will connect with anyone who will help. Ron and Amy have found that they are able to be far more helpful in the U.S. than if they had stayed. Their missionary work has turned to helping organize relief efforts, thus opening the door to share Jesus!

For example, bread is being transported in trunks of cars, and medical supplies and fuel are being collected and distributed. Ron and Amy also purchased a bus so that they can help get many elderly people, women and children to safety. Churches are now standing-room only with new guests, and people are being saved and baptized while bombs are dropping!

Please pray for Ron and Amy, for those in Ukraine, that Jesus will continue to be shared, and that many people will accept Him.

Finally, thanks to each of you who supported our Mission 10 Ukraine relief effort. As of March 27, $70,000 had been raised to help displaced people in Ukraine! Praise the Lord!

“Often tragedy is what drives people to seek Jesus.” – Ron Jones

Difference Makers | March Missions Madness

The Eby and Crisp families recently held a Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) Bake Sale. These amazing girls set a goal of raising $1,000 and raised more than $2,000! A generous individual then offered to match this amount. The result? $4,000 was raised as part of our all-church effort to help support Ukrainian refugees!

In addition, 13-year-old Cora Miller asked the principal at her homeschool co-op if she could ask for donations to support this effort. She was allowed to do so and raised $756.15! Way to go!

Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Cumberland County Food Bank | Camp Hill, PA – Pray for those experiencing difficult financial times to feel welcomed and loved, for those who serve and for the Food Bank team
  • Pastor Charlie and Sharon Rose | Jolo, WV – Pray for relationships to be built with those in the community, as well as for funding, volunteer teams and successful projects to be completed so they can serve their community
  • All those in Ukraine – Pray for the missionaries and pastors who are still in the country to have opportunities to share the Gospel, for those experiencing fear and loss to find peace in Jesus, and for God to be glorified