Mission 10 Update

June 2021

Mission 10 is CLA’s strategic approach to expand the Kingdom of God and extend our reach so that all can learn about God’s amazing love!

Since Mission 10 was initially launched:
  • 163 people have gone on a missions trip for the first time (commanded to serve)
  • $3,100,844.87 has been given for missions and missionaries in the U.S. and around the world (compelled to give)
  • 13 new short- or long-term missionaries from CLA’s church family have chosen to GO to the missions field (called to go)

Commanded to Serve


Update on Upcoming Missions Trips
Because of your faithfulness in praying and giving, you make it possible for us to do what we feel God has called us to do as a church. We are thrilled that several opportunities have opened up to send missions teams in the next few months.
Jolo, WV | August 15-22 | Construction Team
We will be going back to Jolo in McDowell County, WV, with a construction team. This team will help with several projects in the Hope for McDowell Community Outreach Center, as well as prepare a newly acquired building for renovation.
Register here.
El Salvador - King’s Castle | September 18-25 | Medical Team
We are excited for the opportunity to send a medical team to King’s Castle in El Salvador to serve the people in this region. These individuals have numerous health challenges and very little access to medical care.
Register here.
Learn more about these missions trips. With any questions, please email missions@clacamphill.com.

“A time to be closer to God & do His work in the majestic mountains of WV, I found myself surrounded by CLA members I didn't know, but a new church family when I left. Meeting the gracious & humble people of Jolo, so grateful we were there to serve. My thoughts on my 1st state side Missions Trip... Don't leave this earth without going on one. God's been calling each of us.”

- Kim Swank
“CLA, you will never be able to fully realize the impact you have made and how much it has meant to us to know that we have a sister church on the other side of the world that loves us and is thinking about and praying for us!” 
- Pastor Rajnish Jacob

Compelled to Give


A CLA Prayer Outpost Initiative
The Hindu world strives to please their 330 million gods through idol worship and by performing good works to earn karma. Geographic, societal and caste barriers have hindered the Gospel from spreading to most Hindu people groups, but your consistent prayer and giving has helped the One True God to be known!

Several years ago, CLA partnered with Pastor Rajnish Jacob in Jaipur, India (Rajasthan) to build a safe house and rescue center for young girls who were rescued from the sex trafficking industry. This center is making a difference at the epicenter of the largest population of Hindus in the world.

But a new crisis has emerged. Pastor Shane is asking us to intercede through prayer by becoming a Prayer Outpost; COVID-19 has hit India very hard. Pastor Rajnish shared some firsthand accounts of what is happening there, such as:
  • The medical and governmental support systems are in shambles, leading to the worst crisis India has ever faced.
  • 2.5 million people died in a two-month period following a devastating second wave of COVID-19 that spread across India.
  • This massive loss of life has resulted in 30,000 orphans being left behind, who range in age from 1 to 18.
This is not a temporary crisis, and it is projected that up to 80% of these orphans could be sexually exploited, sold and trafficked.

It is almost impossible in India for a Christian organization to get a license to begin an orphanage…but where things seem impossible, God provides new opportunities! The love and compassion of Jesus will be shared, as 94 churches in Rajasthan will be turned into COVID Relief Centers. These centers will provide food, clothing and schooling for the children. But, these Relief Centers cannot house children or provide shelter overnight, which puts the children at great risk of being abused or trafficked, especially if they are staying on the streets or with relatives who are tempted by greed to sell them to traffickers.

So what can we do?

  • Pray for favor, that through this unprecedented crisis, the government would lift their restrictions and give provision for many of the Assemblies of God churches in Rajasthan to turn their facilities into orphanages.
  • Pray for specific ways that we can strategically reach and impact the Hindu world. Opportunities could include translating church services into native languages, global TV opportunities, outreach centers and funding missionaries who are called to go.
  • We need to be ready to help fund relief efforts for food, clothing and the conversion of these 94 churches into Relief Centers as soon as they get approval and licensing from the government.
  • CLA has made a commitment to build lasting relationships with missionaries in order to reach the lost and hurting. For this reason, when the time is right, we plan to send a team from CLA to this strategic region of India. This team will help build or renovate one or more of the churches into orphanages so that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • If God is leading you to give, a Mission 10 offering will be received on Sunday, July 25, or you can give anytime on our giving page. Designate Rajasthan, India Project in the memo.
“The Lord continually fights our battles when we resist the devil, trust, believe and have faith that our MOST HIGH GOD will continue to finish what He has started with us!” 
- Ronny and Janelle Soutner

Called to Go


In Their Own Words
We heard the Lord calling us to Costa Rica on February 24, 2021, while on a long ride home from New York. Just weeks prior, He had given us each a dream. These dreams had weighed on our minds for weeks, but we hadn’t told each other before this moment. And it was at this moment that we had a good idea of what He was telling us to do, but we also knew it would take additional prayer and confirmation.

After all, selling all that you have and only taking a small loading container of all of your possessions and moving to a foreign country to do the Lord’s work would take some serious obedience, faith and strength!

So, we began praying for a date of when we should go and about all of the other logistics of trying to move out of a country that you’ve called home for many decades. We were thinking that the end of 2021 sounded reasonable, or even 2022, but the Lord had a different plan and confirmed that May 4, 2021, would be our departure!

We prayed that our kids (daughter - age 12 and son - age 10) would handle the news well, and the Lord made their hearts not just content to go, but with a passion and desire to go! Ronny and I still had our days of doubt, hesitation, anxiety and fear. We fought to be obedient in what the Lord told us to do. It wasn’t easy, and even since we have been here, we have seen both the Lord’s provision and the devil’s attempts to pull us down. But the Lord continually fights our battles when we resist the devil, trust, believe and have faith that our MOST HIGH GOD will continue to finish what He has started in us!

We are now in the process of purchasing a home here and selling our home in the U.S. We have seen how the Lord has already begun His work through many of the people we have met. He has used us to witness to them and pray for them.

We have always considered ourselves strong in the Lord, but there is always room for exponential growth. We have seen that especially in our faith and what it means to truly trust in Him in situations where there is no reasonable answer or way in our human minds.

One example of this was when the Lord told us to pray for a particular home here. There were no other properties besides this one that the Lord had placed on our hearts, and no other properties that even made sense from a monetary standpoint. As we continued to pray, we asked the Lord that, if we were supposed to move on to another property, that He would open that door.

Several hours later, our realtor sent us an email telling us that the owner of the house we had been praying for did not accept our offer of $10,000 over her asking price…and instead raised it another $30,000! The email also said that there was a property our realtor wanted us to see and that the owner had dropped $104,000, which put it EXACTLY in our price range! We knew the Lord was at work, and when we saw the property, it was everything we desired in a property.

We also found out that the owner only decided to drop the price for us and did not want that as the new price should we decide we didn’t want it. This is how the Lord works! This is how awesome He is and really works all things for the good of those who love Him!

If God is calling you to do something and you fulfill that call, He will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. That is not to say that your faith will not be tested, but as you continue to be obedient in Him, He will continue to open new doors and refine you into a precious diamond.

Keep the faith, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you if you trust in Him!

Missionary Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Ronny and Janelle Soutner - Costa Rica | Pray for continued favor with their housing, the strength needed to move forward, and peace and clarity during this time of transition
  • Pastor Rajnish Jacob - India | Pray for Jesus to be known and received by many in the Hindu world, for favor with the government, and protection of the innocent
  • Mike and Ana Dascalescu - Romania | Pray for health, their helpers, that the new converts will have the courage to take the next step in discipleship and feel free to confess Jesus as their Savior, and for the spiritual eyes to be opened in those who do not yet know Him

Reaching Our Community


Summer Serve kicked off June 6 at CLA, and it’s been a great experience for our volunteers! That day alone, 28 people served for the first time. Throughout the month, various volunteers have been making an impact and having fun!

Justin Hopple and his family (center) shared: “Serving at CLA has been a great experience for me and my family this summer. It has given me the opportunity to serve Jesus by helping people, and to show my children what it means to serve. It has also made me consider and pray more about how I can help others more in the future. If you’ve never served before, this is a great way to get started.”

Justin, his wife Sarah, and their son Ryan served with longtime volunteers Ronnie Diven (left) and Flo Roberts (right).

Summer Serve will continue through September 5. Families can serve together, or middle school students and older can serve as an individual. There are a variety of serving options to choose from. Just pick three days that work for you! We encourage you to learn more and register.


We are partnering with several local organizations to help provide backpacks and school supplies to students right here in our community. We kicked off this exciting initiative during Faith Lab 2.0, which was presented by Mega Summer Camp June 14-18.

Kids and families who attended Faith Lab donated a variety of backpacks and school supplies, and you too will have the opportunity to help throughout July. Help us help local students start their school year right! More details will be coming soon.