Mission 10 Update

February 2022

Message from Pastor Kristian

Exciting things are happening with CLA Missions, and we are so thankful that you’re a part of it! Here are a few highlights.

First, we are thrilled by the response to our third domestic missions trip to Sunbury, PA. Just a few weeks ago, we announced that we would be heading back to River of Life Assembly on March 26 to continue making an impact and, within just a few short days of announcing the trip, it was FULL! Interested in participating in our next Sunbury Work Day on June 4? Learn more.

In global missions, our construction trip to King’s Castle - El Salvador will take place April 23-30. The deadline to register was March 6.

Finally, Pastor Matt Nelsen (our video production pastor) and I will be taking a scout trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan, India very soon to meet with Pastor Rajnish Jacobs to finalize details for our global missions trip to Jaipur in October. We’ll also be discussing how we can best assist with church-planting efforts there, as well as how we can invest in the lives of the girls at the Village of Hope (those who have been rescued from the sex trafficking trade) through occupational training and education.

Please join us in praying for each of these opportunities. We are excited about the impact God has already made and the unique doors He continues to open!

Local Missions

A Heart for the Homeless | Tina Jaen

It doesn’t take long to realize Tina Jaen’s heart for serving others, particularly the homeless. About 10 years ago, she saw a post on social media encouraging people to keep care packages in their car to give to the homeless; items such as hand sanitizer, tissues, snack bars and toothpaste. This simple post really moved Tina and, with the help of some coworkers and friends from church, she soon had 80 care packages ready, as well as many blankets to share.

Fast forward several years – when passing out hats, scarves and gloves in Harrisburg – a homeless man begged for food, which Tina and the friends she was serving with did not have. In response, Tina and several others formed Hands and Feet Ministry, a local group that helps to meet the needs of the homeless in Harrisburg. It is a 501c3 organization that is affiliated with Caring Community Church of God in Hummelstown that welcomes participation from the community!

Today, those involved with Hands and Feet Ministry visit three locations in Harrisburg on the first and third Sunday of the month and provide clothing, blankets, personal care items and food. They also collect plastic bags to make mats for individuals to put on the ground under blankets or sleeping bags to help protect them from the elements.

Items are donated by various people in the community, and the three locations include under the Mulberry Street Bridge, Market Square and near Shipoke. It’s important to note that the needs this group meets go way beyond just physical needs, as they work to build relationships too.

Tina shared that a future dream for this organization is to have a building in the downtown area to be able to cook, serve, provide indoor refuge for people from the elements, and Bible study groups.

“Prayer is so important, and we pray with those we’re serving every chance we get. We love building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus – we know He changes lives!” – Tina Jaen

To learn more about Hands and Feet Ministry, check it out on Facebook.

Domestic Missions

Expectantly Preparing | Pastor Jan Krebs

You know that feeling when you are getting ready for a special day? You get a haircut, put on a new outfit and whatever else it takes to feel special. That is how River of Life in Sunbury is feeling right now! Years of transition and even flooding have taken a toll on the congregation and the building.

Recently, CLA took two teams of people willing to come alongside those who attend River of Life in an effort to do whatever was needed to help clean up and modernize their church, but the impact was so much more.

Since November, attendees at River of Life have become filled with excitement and are energized. Since the cleanup and modernization effort has begun, they now have a building they are proud to invite people to. With the assistance of Walt and Aly Jackson, they now also have a children’s ministry that is able to welcome new guests. Since November, they have nearly doubled their adult attendance and already had several new children and their family members visit since the launch of their children’s ministry in the past few weeks.

Full of prayer and with a renewed spirit, the church family is expectant about what God will be doing in the upcoming weeks, months and years. In addition to already embracing the children’s ministry, they even combine the children with the adults for some of the main service worship time. It is wonderful to see the adults and children worshipping together in a kid-friendly way and to see some of the adults step out of their comfort zone by participating in the hand motions.

The church is quickly refining their meal serving ministry and are enjoying fellowship with each other and new guests. In an effort to make intentional connections in the community, parents and students waiting at the bus stop in front of the building have been invited to wait inside, especially during the cold weather. Valentine’s Day bags were handed out as children were getting off the bus, and Easter bags will be handed out to further points of connection in the community.

Through prayer and these intentional steps, the River of Life family is excited to see what God will continue to do in their church and community. How are you praying for opportunities, and are you willing to respond in order to make a difference in your community?

“CLA literally ‘painted’ the picture, generated hope and energized the church, which is now expectant for what God is going to do.” – Pastor Jan Krebs

Global Missions

Kasey Joy | King’s Castle – El Salvador

In Her Own Words
Ever since giving my life to Christ wholeheartedly my sophomore year of college, I was instantly captivated to tell everyone about the joy I found in Jesus. I was president of FCA, an intercollegiate ministry, and the heart of our mission was centered around Matthew 28, the Great Commission. This aligned very heavily with my family’s practice of faith in India because many of them were devoted to mission work, generationally.

Growing up, my mother often encouraged me with stories of my grandfather building churches in India. I was always inspired by his devotion to spread the Gospel in an anti-Christian country, and this admiration was significantly heightened when I personally accepted Jesus into my life.

In September 2021, I traveled with Christian Life Assembly to King’s Castle for a medical missions trip. It was on this trip that I had seen medicine used as a conduit that leads others to the salvation found in Jesus. I was mesmerized and in awe of how radical the Lord was working, showing us miraculous healings and transformations. My heart was gripped for medical missions, and every moment drew me closer to the heart of this ministry.

After wrestling for days, I had really leaned into God and asked Him to make it very clear if it is His will for me to come back to El Salvador and serve. At this point in time, I had actually been planning on going to Mauritius for missions/discipleship work with a ministry group I had interned with previously.

To be certain this was something God wanted me to pursue, and not something of my own aspiration, I specifically asked the Lord to put it on someone else's heart to tell me if this was really within His will. Just as I was whispering my request for Him to “put it on someone else’s heart and send them forth to tell me,” hands were laid on me, in an instant. God used my team member Marcia Sadler to confirm His call!

I will be serving in El Salvador with King’s Castle. The length of my stay will be five months, from March to August. I am really looking forward to being spiritually enriched in my faith with God. I want to operate fully on the Holy Spirit, using my spiritual gifts to witness powerfully for Jesus to others. My first visit to El Salvador invigorated my spiritual walk with the Lord, and I want to learn, minister and testify in the Spirit.

This missions work engenders my two innermost passions by allowing me to engage with children, while also using medicine as an avenue that leads others to Jesus. I am looking forward to it not only because it is an extended amount of time, but also because it is during the time that CLA, along with other churches, sends teams!

“I stand amazed at the will and workings of God in my life. I have always wanted to engage in missions work, but seeing the doors of opportunity that seamlessly opened makes me grateful for this opportunity.” – Kasey Joy

For ongoing updates on Kasey’s time in El Salvador, visit kaseyjoymissions.

Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Hands and Feet Ministry | Harrisburg, PA – Pray for safety, health and spiritual influence opportunities for those in need
  • Pastor Jan Krebs | Sunbury, PA – Pray for connections and relationships to be built in the community, for guests to feel loved and welcomed, and for many to come to know Jesus
  • Kasey Joy | El Salvador – Pray for protection for safety and health, and for a powerful impact of the Holy Spirit through the medical and evangelism ministry teams