Mission 10 Update

August 2021

Mission 10 is CLA’s strategic approach to expand the Kingdom of God and extend our reach so that all can learn about God’s amazing love!

Since Mission 10 was initially launched:
  • 165 people have gone on a missions trip for the first time (commanded to serve)
  • $3,162,170.31 has been given for missions and missionaries in the U.S. and around the world (compelled to give)
  • 13 new short- or long-term missionaries from CLA’s church family have chosen to GO to the missions field (called to go)

Commanded to Serve


In Her Own Words
Knowing we are to get outside the church and witness to people, I was excited to hear that my Girls Ministries group would be attending the Wednesday evening service of City Quake at CLA on August 11. I enjoyed hearing about the different styles of talking to people, but there was one thing that really stuck with me. It was a simple but powerful question, “If you die tomorrow, do you know if you are going to Heaven or not?”

This question immediately reminded me that evangelizing is following a direct order from God. Jesus said to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News.” As Christians, we are the only connection to God on earth. If we do not tell people about Him, then bad things could happen, not only to them, but because we have disobeyed our Lord.

I remember having an opportunity to share Jesus with a neighbor kid at a birthday party when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Just looking at him, there was nothing obvious as to why I should go over, but I could not stop feeling like I needed to talk with him. I was really nervous, but I went anyway. As we spoke, he mentioned he was really struggling. I asked if he knew Jesus, and he told me he went to church. As we continued our conversation, I shared there was a difference between attending church and salvation. He asked me what salvation was and, after I explained, he said he wanted to have that. I prayed with him, and he shared that he felt better on the inside and that his fear went away. I was happy I listened to God and talked to him!

City Quake challenged me to reach those who are harder to reach, even if they are adults. Because I am still young, the challenge for me is to find ways to safely evangelize, or share my faith. In general, I am a bit of a conversationist, so I would be totally comfortable sharing Jesus if the opportunity presents itself in public, but I feel most comfortable if I am with my family or a group of friends.

As a student, I have found that I can evangelize safely in my church. Not everyone who comes to church believes in Jesus. They may still be searching, and I am His representative and can share my story. Since I serve with CLA Kids, I often come in contact with children who are learning about who Jesus is. This is another great way for me to share Him in an environment that is safe.

Sadly, not everyone will say yes to Jesus. God gave everyone the power of choice, and if someone says no, it is their decision. As disappointing as it is to me, I think it hurts God even more. Hearing “no” should not stop anyone from sharing Jesus because there will always be people who will accept Him! If we do not share our faith, then we might miss their chance to go to Heaven. No matter what, I know if I listen to God, He will help me to do my part.

Learn more about sharing Jesus through Discover, CLA’s discipleship process.

Compelled to Give


Your heart for making sure that Jesus is known around the world is obvious! Thanks to you, the July Mission 10 offering was an amazing $77,000! This allowed us to fully fund several missions projects that will directly impact the lives of many people in India, El Salvador and West Virginia.

Although you can give toward Mission 10 anytime throughout the year, some of you may want to prayerfully plan ahead for the next special offering, which will be received on September 26.

If you would like to give before the September offering, you can give anytime by cash or check, drop your giving in person or mail it to the church office (please designate Mission 10). You can also give online (select Mission 10 from the dropdown options), as well as easily set up an automatic recurring contribution. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Called to Go


In Her Own Words
Shelley is one of the missionaries who CLA supports; she is a missionary in Japan.

In September 2013, the night before it was announced which country would be chosen to host the 2020 Olympics, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. "If Tokyo gets the Olympics, it's for Kingdom purposes."

I had no idea what that meant. But, the next morning when the world learned that Tokyo would host the games, I began to pray. One by one, opportunities and doors practically threw themselves open in front of me. Opposition and spiritual warfare also came from unexpected sources. But God again spoke to me. This time He said to be still and know that I am God. I learned to keep quiet, fly under the radar and pray.

God's ways are so much higher than ours, and God always answers prayer. Marvelous things began to happen, and expectations were high for amazing outreaches during the Olympics. Many days I was literally stunned as voices of opposition were silenced, and I was surrounded by the favor of the Lord.

And then the world was thrust into a pandemic, and the games were postponed until this year. All outsiders were banned from coming to Japan, forcing us to cancel the outreach teams planning on coming. But God never stopped working, and He gave me a very unexpected open door.

I received an email saying the multi-faith center at the Olympic Village would not be having any live chaplains at the Olympics due to the pandemic. They decided to use sermons via video instead, and they were looking for a female preacher living in Tokyo. Well, they found me! In fact, they asked me to prepare two videos, which opened the door for me to include one of my colleagues in the project as well. We each prepared 30 minutes of a short service with songs and a message from the Word of God.

Even though the stadiums throughout Tokyo and the Olympic Village were all closed off by fences, my message and voice were shared in the Olympic Village for athletes to receive the Word of God. Kingdom purposes, just like He said.

I was supposed to be in America to begin my year of itineration from July 2020, but I extended an extra year because of the Olympics. It's been five years now, and I am still here in Japan. Again, for Kingdom purposes.

There are no words to thank all of you who faithfully prayed for the Tokyo Olympics to be used for Kingdom purposes! I am so grateful to hundreds of supporters and churches who stayed faithful to God and trusted me with the assignment He gave me. Keep on praying because God is continuing to work. This is not only my story; this is our story. His story. To God be all the glory!

Missionary Prayer Requests

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Afghanistan | Pray for the people of Afghanistan as the Taliban has taken over the country this week. Pray for peace and protection for believers, for a peaceful political transition, and for those countries who will be able to give refuge to those seeking safety.
  • All Missionaries - Haiti | Pray for disaster relief efforts to impact this nation following the devastating earthquake and for lives to be changed; many will be seeking Him during this time.
  • Our Jolo Missions Team | Pray for safety for our team doing construction work, for great ministry opportunities and that something powerful will happen this week in the lives of our team members during these last few days of their time there (the team is returning on August 22).
  • Shelley Carl - Japan | Pray for a spiritual awakening in Japan, for the salvation of many and for Shelley’s upcoming itineration.
  • Austin Jones - Alaska | Pray for the saving message of Jesus to reach every people group in Alaska and for the investing, equipping, training and releasing of the next generation of Christian leaders.

Reaching Our Community


Please join us at the Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Celebration for AJB Drug and Alcohol Mentoring (originally known as Project Restore) in Harrisburg. This event will take place on Saturday, September 11, from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. The Ribbon Cutting will take place at 11:00 AM.

CLA previously had the privilege of partnering with AJB to rebuild an old storage building into its modern meeting facility.

This free event is for the whole family! The purpose of this event is for AJB to celebrate with its community supporters, neighbors and friends for helping to make this day happen.

The event will feature: food, family fun, special guests, music, kids’ activities and a bounce house.

There is no need to register, and ample parking will be available. AJB is located at 1613 North 5th St., Harrisburg, PA 17102. Questions? Email missions@clacamphill.com.

AJB Drug and Alcohol Mentoring serves the community as a non-profit program that offers no-fee education and mentoring for addiction and HIV/AIDS prevention to help individuals in their mode of sobriety to become empowered, rebuild and break free.