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Team size: (including leaders)
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Team Coordinator:
David Richards (

Team Leader:
David Richards (


Informational Meeting: TBD

We are very excited for you to get started!

- Complete an application.
- Make sure you have a valid passport. (Note: it must be valid six months past your last day in country.)
- Start raising financial support!

Missions Trip Information

Ministry Description

Brief description of ministry to be done and ministry partner/missionary goes here.









Location Information

Estimated population (2014):      6.1 million

Religion(s):                                 Roman Catholic 73%, Evangelical Christians 15%, Moravian Church 2%, Episcopal Church 0.1%

Language(s):                               Spanish and English

Climate, highlands:                      72-86 F

Currency:                                    Cordoba

Fact:                                           Would you like to learn more about this country? If so, check out:

Team Information and Important Dates

Team Building and Training Dates

It is very important that you attend each team meeting, as we will have new information at each meeting to talk about. You will also have time to get to know your fellow teammates.

1st Meeting – TBD (Informational Meeting)
2nd Meeting – TBD
3rd Meeting – TBD
All-church prayer for team – TBD

Payment Due Dates

How soon are payments due?
$250 non-refundable deposit – Due upon registration
100% -- Due 3 months before trip date for adults or June 1 for youth and student trips

Last day to sign up: May 13, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


What all is included in the cost of the trip?
Airfare, transportation, food and accommodations. International emergency/medical insurance and visa.

What is NOT included in the cost of the trip?
Does not include passport fees or immunization costs or miscellaneous spending.

Are payments/contributions tax-deductible?
Yes. The contributions are also non-refundable and non-transferable.

If I'm writing a check, to whom should I make it out?
All checks should be written to Christian Life Assembly (CLA) with the trip code of TRIP NAME AND APPLICANT'S NAME written in the memo line. Please send all contributions to the address below.

Visa Application (For appropriate trips)

For trips requiring an ordinary tourist visa:

Once you have completed the steps mentioned below, be sure to bring the information to the church office no later than date indicated. Visa applications for applicable trips will be provided at our first team meeting.

1.     Please complete the required application.

2.     Paperclip two 2 x 2” passport photos (AAA or travel services can provide this service)

3.     Your actual passport valid for at least six months

4.     One open page in your passport

CLA will transport your passport and completed application to the appropriate embassy in Washington, DC for processing. If, during this time frame, you have a special need for your passport, please contact Curt Harris, Missions Director, to make arrangements.

Passport and Passport Cards (For Domestic and International Trips)

Make sure you have a valid passport. (Note: it must be valid six months past your last day in country.)

Please bring your passport to the church office, along with your registration and deposit if you did not complete payment through the app. If you would like more information about renewing or getting a new passport, click HERE.

Health and Safety

If you would like to learn more about health and safety-related information, please click here.


If you would like to learn more about fundraising-related information, please click here.