ANTHEM College Age Life Group

Leaders: Pastor Rob Gillen and Team (                           Room 304, Sundays 9:00AM

God has instilled in each of us a desire to be in a relationship with one another. Our College Age Life Groups place a focus on dialogue and experiencing life together. Join us Sundays at 9:00 AM, or contact us for more information on many of the groups associated with ANTHEM College Age.

January 7 - March 25


Building Faith: The Case for Faith: Investigating the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel

Leaders: Pastor Candace and Curt Harris                                                                      Room 702, Sundays 9:00AM

Lee Strobel explores the most common emotional obstacles to faith in Christ, including the natural inclination to wrestle with faith and doubt, the troubling presence of evil and suffering in the world, the exclusivity of the Christian Gospel, and the compelling question: Can I doubt and be a Christian?

January 7 - March 25

Engaged and Newly Married

Leaders: Tim and Melaney Patchett (                                                                                  Room 302, Sundays 9:00AM

Join our journey to a Love That Lasts, where we will hear from husbands and wives who are educated experts in regards to the 12 big topics couples struggle with and avoid. They will share advice, rooted in truth and experience, which will change the course of your marriage (for the best)!

January 7 - March 25

Marriage Matters

The Plaza, 9:00 AM Sunday
Leaders: Bryon and Mary Brinson and Team (

We can't afford to get marriage or family wrong. Our culture is suffering as God's plan for the family is eroded. Statistics show that when a husband and wife put God at the center of their marriage, they are happier and less likely to divorce. Heaven starts in the home, and it flows our from there!

January 7 - March 25


Forever Young

Leader: Dick Malone                                                                                                 Room 702, Sundays 10:30AM

Would you like to know more about the Holy Spirit - who He is, what He does and what He can mean in your life?

January 7 - March 25

The Journey: In the Beginning

Leader: Jim Hoffman                                                                                                Room 704, Sundays 10:30AM

In the Beginning is a comprehensive study of the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Come and see the glory of creation, the fall, the flood and the tower of Babel. We will rely exclusively on the Word of God given to us in Genesis.

January 7 - March 25

Biblical Doctrine

Leaders: Rev. Philip and Michael Bongiorno                                                               Room 702, Wednesdays 7:00PM

I Peter was written to encourage persecuted Christians, while 2 Peter was written to warn them of false teachers. Join us to delve into these topics.

January 3 - March 21

CORE: Real Men, Real Life, Real Faith

Leader: Todd Murtoff and Team (                                                                                               The Loft, Wednesdays 7:00PM

CORE is a community experience for men to build friendships, apply Biblical truth and enjoy live worship music. It's likely you have a giant in your life (fear, anger, addiction, etc.) and it's holding you captive. Louie Giglio examines the David and Goliath story and walks us toward the road to redemption through Godly wisdom and relatable transparency.

January 3 - March 21

Gather at The Table

Leaders: Jamey McClintock and Team (                                                                                               The Plaza, Wednesdays 7:00PM                                    

Find a place of belonging, encouragement and spiritual growth as we engage in conversational style table groups to study Priscilla Shirer's book Discerning the Voice of God. Children and youth ministries are available.

January 3 - March 21

House or Home? Parenting Edition

Leaders: Pastor David & Ronda Richards                                                                        Room 302, Wednesdays 7:00PM

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed when parenting. But there is HOPE. In the midst of all the white noise about parenting, God has given us a blueprint for parenting with clear, timeless truths that still work today.

January 3 - March 21

Out of The Trenches

Leaders: Pastor Lee Hyman and Hector Hoyos                                                           Room 632, Wednesdays 7:00PM

CLA’s new Veterans ONLY group is specifically for men or women who have served in any branch of the armed forces who have been looking for a safe place for comradery, understanding, service and spiritual growth through God’s Word. We have been waiting for you!

January 3 - March 21

Sermon Application Groups

Leader: Dave Warwavesyn                                                                                                Room 705, Wednesdays 7:00PM

This is an opportunity to reflect on the previous Sunday morning’s message, while helping you apply it to your life through group discussion. Each group meeting is self-contained. Join us anytime!

January 3 - March 21


Leader: Carol Hummel (                                                             The Plaza, Tuesdays 6:30-8:30PM

Join us for Beth Moore’s video and journal workbook entitled The Quest. We will delve into Scripture to learn to develop your intimacy with Him and embrace the adventure that comes with living a life for God.

January 16-March 20

Tuesdays Together

Leaders: Robin Eschbach and Team (                                                                                           The Plaza, 9:30-11:30AM

Join us for great teaching, friendship and spiritual growth as wediscuss the book Amazed and Confused by Heather Zempel. Each week will feature various CLA leading ladies in a discussion panel format. Child care is available with pre-registration at

January 16-March 20