Team categories depend on all team members, and each member plays a vital role. Timing, blocking, and stunts can be nearly impossible to practice when members are absent. For this reason, we have a formal attendance policy in place for all of our coached teams and attendance will be tracked. Our absentee* policy is as follows:

It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to inform the coach of an absence PRIOR to the start of practice. Failure to properly communicate could lead to the student’s removal from the team.

One (1) absence is allowed per student during the Sectionals practice phase.
One (1) absence is allowed per student during the Districts practice phase.
One (1) absence is allowed per student during the Nationals practice phase.
Unused absences DO NOT roll over to the next phase.
Any student exceeding these limits will be removed from the team.

No Call/No Show
Any student that does not communicate an absence with their coach prior to the start of practice will be immediately removed from the team.

*We understand that there may be extraneous circumstances that affect a student’s ability to be at practice; however, most absences are not of that nature.

Attire should be modest for both boys and girls during ALL Fine Arts practices and events. This includes all attire worn to Sectionals, Districts, as well as for the duration of the trip to Nationals.

Cell phones are NOT allowed during practice. Students will be given breaks and can check their phones during those times only.

South Entrance is the designated drop-off/pick-up location. For security purposes, the South Entrance will be the only open entrance for most practice times. This is CLA Security policy.

Participants in our Fine Arts program should be active members of either The Movement or Fusion.

Students must remain in their designated practice room/area for the duration of practice and are not permitted to roam throughout the church.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on fees (registration, uniforms, etc.) once they are paid.


Our policies are a very important part of our Fine Arts program. They help to guide participation, while building responsibility and accountability in our Fine Arts students. Please carefully read through the policy we have in place on our Policy page.