Lesson # 24:  Y E S


Tonight’s lesson is based on the last Principle (#8) and the last of the 12 Steps, (#12)


Principle # 8:  “Yield myself to God to be used to bring this Good News to others, both by my example and by my words.”


Step #12:  “Having had a spiritual experience as the result of these steps, we try to carry this message to others and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”


OK, Now, we are near the end of the 25 lesson Cycle in the CR curriculum.  

  1. Society tells us that pain is useless.  -  To be more specific – that “people in pain” are useless.  

  2. We have a saying around here that:   "God Never Wastes A Hurt." 

    1. And also like Dennis in the video, God wants us to know that we are deeply loved no matter what pain we feel.

  3. At CR we know that pain does indeed have value.

    1.   Can anyone tell me what your Pain has taught you in your recovery?   In other words:  Is there value in your pain?

    2. Looking for: 

      1. Patience,

      2. Faith Building Endurance, 

      3. That I am not alone in my suffering, 

      4. Makes the truth of painless heaven all that much sweeter, 

      5. That I can Love through the pain, 

      6. That I am stronger than I thought,

      7. That I need to put on the full Armor if I hope to continue the battle. 

      8. That How I handle my pain is a great witness for God

  4. Yes, “People In Pain”  are of great value to God.

  5. So, while the world says NO – That you have No value, that you are a waste, that you are to be tossed aside – Tonight WE SAY YES, Yes you do.

    1. Your handout has our acrostic for the night:  Y.E.S.   Let’s go through it.

  6. The “Y” in YES stands for Principle #8 itself =  YIELD  myself to God to be used to bring this good news to others, both by my example and by my words.

    1. This term:  “Yield Myself” -  What does that mean to you?

      1. Looking for:

        1. Surrender the right of way

        2. To give up

        3. To give way to what is stronger or better

      2. So, if you were  “giving way” or surrendering the “right of way” to God in your life -  What would that look like?

      3. I believe we are supposed to “hold loosely” to everything we call our own in this world.   WHY?  Because it all comes from Him anyway.  When we YIELD to Him, God can use us as his hands & feet to help Him redeem the lost world.

      4. A good question to interject here may be:  “How can I tell if I am yielding myself to God?

        1. Well, I believe you would see it first in your ATTITUDE

          1. Remember the firefighter in the movie:  FIREPROOF?

            1. At first his attempts to deal with his problems were only half hearted.  He was NOT yielding.

            2. Remember that HUMILITY is a huge factor here

          2. Also, in the HOMERUN movie:  Same thing, the ball player struggled with an attitude that was keeping him from yielding.  

          3. Can anyone tell me what the biggest enemy of yielding to God is:   

            1. YES!  It’s PRIDE

            2. Both men in these movies and countless other films struggle with their pride and ego. 

        2. I think another thing that would tell you if you are Yielding to God is that  “You would see DISCIPLINE forming in your life.” 

          1. Instead I think, sadly, we often see the opposite – we see an undisciplined life full of attempts and failures.

        3. Finally, you would see yourself “Testing your life choices and thoughts against scripture”

  7. The “E” in YES stand for EXAMPLE

    1. You may notice this idea of “living by EXAMPLE has come up frequently in the CR lessons.   That’s because people all around you are watching you like hawks.   They are waiting to see if this “Jesus Approach” to Recovery works or not. 

    2. People will take your example more seriously than your advice any day.

    3. We all know that “Talk Is Cheap”.  That’s because the supply always exceeds the demand.

    4. A BIG Principle in CR is this:  “If you want someone to see what Christ can do for them, let them see what Christ has done for you.”

      1. This poses a rather significant Moral Dilemma:  

        1. Does my lifestyle reflect what I say I believe ????  

      2. I Tim 1:5 says:  “Arouse the love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a genuine faith…”

      3. Some among us have blessed us by sharing their outstanding and courageous Testimonies: 


        2. These folks stood here before you, humbled, sharing their weaknesses, letting you see the HHH up close.  In Short:  they gave others a piece of their heart, not just their minds.

        3. I encourage all of you to do this as well

          1. Disclaimer:  Do not have to be fully recovered.

  8. Finally, the “S” in YES stands for “SERVE”

    1. JESUS wants you to serve just as He did.

    2. Now that you are at this point in your recovery you should be able to PASS IT FORWARD in some sort of service to others and to your church.

    3. Jesus said in John 13: 14-15  “And since I, the Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet.  I have given you an EXAMPLE to follow:  do as I have done to you.”

      1. He wasn’t JUST talking about the literal act of washing feet – no, He was talking about SERVICE – having a Servant’s Heart and disposition with one another.

    4. Don’t all have to do the same thing to serve.  There are many ways to serve:

      1. Be an accountability partner – holding one another accountable for growth within your group

      2. If you are ready – You can be a Sponsor

      3. Be a greeter

      4. Help with the food prep AND the clean up

      5. Invite someone to CR or to Church

      6. Get involved with Toy Share

      7. Get involved with the Dramas

      8. Help with the Isaiah 61 Dinners for the Homeless

      9. Serve in the food bank

      10. Serve meals in Harrisburg

      11. Go visit the elderly

      12. DO SOMETHING !!!

  9. Principle # 8 comes down to this dear friends: