CLAPRODUCTIONS produces Broadway-style musical theatre to audiences in Central Pennsylvania of over 16,000 patrons in a 2,000-seat auditorium.  We are looking for talented people of all ages with a passion for acting, singing and/or dancing. This is a non-stipend production.


Sunday, August 25, 12:45pm-2:00pm. All prospective cast or crew members are encouraged to attend. Detailed information regarding the production will be shared including volunteer needs, schedules, required commitment, expectations, cast auditions (storyline, available roles, audition procedures) and more. Informational Meeting will be held at Christian Life Assembly in the Sanctuary.


  • Saturday, August 31, 9:00am-4:00pm....... Auditions (by appointment)

  • Tuesday, September 3, 4:00pm-8:00pm......... Auditions (by appointment)


  1. CLICK HERE to sign-up for GENERAL AUDITION appointment

  2. CLICK HERE to sign-up for CHOREOGRAPHY ASSESSMENT appointment

  3. CLICK HERE to submit an AUDITION FORM


Auditions will be held at Christian Life Assembly Church, Music Room, which is located at 2645 Lisburn Road, Camp Hill, PA. Enter building back lower level through door marked “South Stair Entrance.”

December 7, 8, 12, 13, 14 & 15


  • Monday, September 16: Mandatory All Cast Orientation

  • Monday/Tuesday evenings September 23 thru October 29 (various speaking roles and choreography as assigned)

  • Wednesday evening music rehearsals October 9 thru November 20 (Chorus)

  • Monday/Tuesday evenings November 4-26 (All Cast Rehearsals)

  • Saturdays, 9am-4pm, November 9, 16 & 23 (All Cast Rehearsals)

  • Monday-Friday, December 2-6 (All Cast Rehearsals - tech week)


  • ALL must sign up for a time-slot for an acting audition (plan on 30 minutes).

    • Acting auditions will consist of readings of scenes from the script.

    • Most roles involve singing, although there are some roles that are non-singing. Those auditioning are encouraged to prepare 16-32 bars of a song of your choice. Please try to choose a song that showcases your voice. You must sing with our provided accompanist, a cappella, or with a device you provide.

    • You may be asked to sing scales by our vocal director.

  • ALL adults (grade 9 and older) should also sign up for a choreography assessment (plan on 90 minutes). Kids grade 8 and younger, and those with physical limitations, are exempt.

  • All must submit an Audition Form, preferably online (see link above).

  • All those auditioning must provide a current photo with application.

  • Please list all known conflicts on your audition application (taking into consideration your work/school/vacation schedules).

  • All who audition will be measured for possible costuming. This, however, does not guarantee you will be cast in the production.

  • Due to involvement of minors, all cast and crew members are required to submit information for background clearances.


Pamela Billingsley: Female Lead (45-55) (soloist) single woman and current reluctant owner of the Billingsley Hotel. She used to love Christmas, but the death of her mom left Pamela bitter and resenting Christmas. Pamela has never understood the value of creating a loving, family-oriented work environment and hotel ambience. As the daughter of a widowed dad, she grew up with a fascination of wealth and profits – focusing only on the money side of the business – with no concept of creating a pleasant environment. She is not a “people person” – seeming angry at times, condescending to everyone, has no friends, and maintains a superior attitude to all she comes in contact with. She has made working at the Hotel miserable for all of the employees.

  • Pamela Billingsley 1980: Female (6-12) young Pamela, care-free in 1980.

Herbert Billingsley: Male (80-85) grandson of Henry (founder of the hotel), son of Harvey, father to Pamela; lost his wife when Pamela was young. He did his best to run the hotel but was not able to be the father Pamela needed.

  • Herbert Billingsley 1955: Male (15-20) son of Harvey, in 1955

  • Herbert Billingsley 1980: Male (40-45) son of Harvey, father to Pamela, in 1980

  • Harriett Billingsley 1980: Female (40-45) Herbert’s sister & mother of Louis.

  • Harvey Billingsley 1955: Male (40-50) son of Henry, father to Herbert, in 1955

  • Harvey Billingsley 1980: Male (65-75) son of Henry, father to Herbert, in 1980

  • Henry Billingsley 1915: Male (30-40) Founder of hotel in 1915

  • Henry Billingsley 1955: Male (70-80) Founder of hotel in 1955

Bob (or Barb) Miller: M/F Lead (35-60) is the General Manager of the hotel; Worked at the hotel for many years; Ms. Pamela’s right-hand person, which puts him/her in the middle of trying to please the boss, while managing the hotel in the same manner as has been done over the years with the focus on great relational service; Acts as buffer between Pamela and the staff.

Lou Drake: Male Lead (45-55) is the long-time beloved bellman for the hotel.  Lou has a heart to serve others.  He has personal connections with all of the guests and staff due to his role as bellman.  Lou always chooses joy and grace, even in the midst of angry or frustrated guests or staff.

  • Young Louis Drake 1980: Male (6-12) same as Lou above, in 1980.

LeRoy: Male Lead (35-55) (soloist-can be character voice)is the handyman on property.  He is a simple man (comic relief), with heavy PA accent (Pittsburgh), and laid back to a fault.  His attempt to fix things usually results in calamity.

  • LeMae: Female (35-55) is LeRoy’s mother (1980s) with very similar traits to LeRoy.

  • Stanley: Male (35-55) is LeRoy’s grandfather (1955) with very similar traits to LeRoy.

  • Frank: Male (35-55) is LeRoy’s great grandfather (1915) with very similar traits to LeRoy.

Luna: Female Lead (45-65) (soloist)is a server at the Billingsley Café.  She has a colorful personality, very outspoken and has never met a stranger, although very loving and warm.  She will “tell you like it is” if you happen into the Café. (comic relief)

  • Young Luna or Clara 1980: Female (20-55) is the server in the Café (1980s)

Mr. Schwartz: Male (60-90) Older gentleman; regular guest; grouchy, yet comical with Wittmer (similar to Muppets, Statler & Waldorf).

Mr. Wittmer: Male (60-90) Older gentleman; regular guest; grouchy, yet comical with Schwartz (similar to Muppets, Statler & Waldorf).

George Ribbon 1915: Male (30-45) Father of Robby Ribbon; 1915

Helen Ribbon 1915: Female (30-45) (non-speaking) Mother of Robby Ribbon; 1915

Robby Ribbon 1915: Male (6-10) Young son of George; becomes father to Rita, Ruby & Beau. 1915

Robert (Robby) Ribbon 1955: Male (46-50); father to Rita, Ruby & Beau; 1955

Rita Ribbon: Female (66-74) Daughter of Robert; a sweet, positive, fun-loving former dancer who has not danced in a long time due to caring for her husband’s illness and his recent passing.

  • Young Rita 1955: Female (6-10) same as Rita above, in 1955.

  • Rita 1980: Female (31-35) same as Rita above, in 1980.

Ruby Ribbon: Female (67-78) Daughter of Robert; A practical, outspoken woman who is an organizer and does not need anyone to speak into her life. (comic relief)

  • Young Ruby 1955: Female (7-12) same as Ruby above, in 1955.

  • Ruby 1980: Female (32-37) same as Ruby above, in 1980.

Beau Ribbon: Male (65-72) Son of Robert; he never speaks - just grunts!  He hates that his name sounds like bow/ribbon. He is married to Ruthie.

  • Young Beau 1955: Male (5-8) same as Beau above, in 1955.

  • Beau 1980: Male (30-33) same as Beau above, in 1980.

Ruthie Ribbon: Female (60-70) A quiet, sweet woman. She speaks so soft that no one can hear her, except for Beau, who translates. (comic relief)

  • Ruthie 1980: Female (25-35) Beau’s new wife, in 1980.

Mike King: Male (40-55) is a hard-working husband/father who is overwhelmed by life.  He has taken a high-stress job to afford to send Courtney to college.

Susan King: Female (40-55) Mike’s wife and mother of Courtney and Matt.

Courtney King: Female (15-19) (soloist) A High Schooler who is upset with her father and annoyed with her family. 

Matt King: Male (8-14) The King’s curious son.

Anna-Joy: Female Lead (25-35) (soloist) A singer/musician who was booked at the hotel for the holidays. She was raised in foster homes, and although she gets lonely and wishes she had family, we learn that she accepted Jesus as her Savior and found peace and joy.

Nathaniel, Brayden & Jourdan: M/M/F (22-30) Young tech entrepreneurs who are mistaken as California investors. They are actually from Silicon Valley, but are not visiting to purchase the hotel. They are there to get ideas on how they can be more service-oriented and gracious in their tech business and startups to create better workplaces.

Richard Clark: Male (35-55) Banker for Billingsley Hotel.

Janet Billingsley: Female (20-50) (nonspeaking) (possible soloist) may appear in 1955 as soloist, then again in 1980 to dance with young Pamela.

Extras/Chorus:  M/F all ages. Maids, hotel staff and other guests.

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