1. What are the requirements to be Baptized?

You simply need to ask Jesus to be a part of your life and ask for forgiveness from the sins (mistakes) you have made. If you are not sure that you have done this, you can by praying this prayer:


Dear Jesus,

I admit that I have made mistakes and realize you are the only One who is perfect. I believe that you came to earth to die on the cross so that I can be saved from the mistakes I have made. I am grateful for the promise of eternal life through your sacrifice and that you have given me a new hope. Thank you for forgiving me for everything even when I don’t deserve it. Help me to stay focused on doing what you want me to do.



If you have prayed and asked Him to be a part of your life, congratulations! Heaven is throwing a party right now for you and we encourage you to consider baptism as a next step.

2. How does CLA do Water Baptism?

Normally, we use a baptism pool in the main Sanctuary during Sunday morning church services, but occasionally we will have an outdoor baptism using other locations, such as streams or pools.

  • There are water baptisms planned throughout the year so be sure to look for announcements in the weekly bulletin, on our website and the CLA app.

  • Attend the required Baptism Class on the Wednesday before the Baptism.

  • Register at clacamphill.com/baptism or contact our Kim at 717-635-7223 or kminnich@clacamphill.com for questions or more information.

3. What if I was baptized before?

If you were baptized as an infant or at any time before you trusted in Jesus for forgiveness of your sins, we encourage you to be baptized again since baptism is a personal outward expression of your relationship with Jesus.

4. Can my child be Baptized?

Since we view baptism as a public announcement of following Jesus, we want to be sure children considering baptism fully understand the commitment they are making and sharing with others.

Children in 2nd grade and older can be baptized at CLA by registering below

If your child is asking questions about being baptized and you would like help to see if they are ready, we encourage you to schedule a time to meet with our Children’s Pastor by contacting Angie at 717-635-7227 or acarpenter@clacamphill.com.

5. What is the difference between Baptism and Child Dedication?

A Child Dedication is a chance for parents to publicly declare their intent to raise their child(ren) in a way that honors God.